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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cooking Club News

Lobster Roast
The club decided unanimously that it was Arne's turn to cook. One of his specialties is a clam & lobster roast done over an open pit fire. It will take place in the back yard of the Pillars at 922 Central Avenue on Sunday, July 22nd. More details and the cost to attend will follow in the blog and at the July 16th general meeting. We will need to know if you're coming by Wednesday, July 18th. Call Arne at 908-756-5036 or email him at to reserve your place.

Silk Road Restaurant Outing
Sixteen district members joined the VWB Cooking Club on June 28th for an outing to Silk Road, an Afgan restaurant in Warren, -orange and saffron rice, butternut squash dumplings, veal and lamb rubbed with spices, and scallion and herb stuffed steamed dumplings were sampled from the menu. Don Sobieski has become a regular customer...his recommendation: go for lunch and avoid Saturday night lines to get in. It has been observed by some that the cooking club has morphed into an eating club....